lo pequeño es a lo grande 
como lo grande es al todo

Virtual Biennale Prague 2015

Propuesta de imagen realizada para la Virtual Biennale Prague 2015 / Virtuální bienále Praha 2015 por invitación. Theme / Friendship. This theme can be interpreted in a wide spectrum of meanings from a personal reflection of society’s development through social networks to current Europe’s immigration wave. Ver colección en http://friendship-2015.tumblr.com/

Right to Decide Exhibition / Birmingham

My poster on the opening for the "Right to Decide" exhibition in Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts
You can see all of the posters online at cargocollective.com
Thanks to Eric, Erin and Antonio.

La BICM cumple 25 años

Questioning the Bomb

The University of Maryland Art Gallery exhibition Questioning the Bomb: History and Non-Proliferation features over 80 posters by internationally recognized designers from around the globe. 

Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the exhibition not only reminds the public of the specific historical events that decimated two Japanese cities and killed thousands, but also advocates for global relinquishment of such weapons of mass destruction from all national arsenals. Curated by James Thorpe, Professor of Graphic Design in the Department of Art at the University of Maryland, the exhibition is organized in collaboration with Colorado State University and Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Homenaje a Juan Carlos Darias

En Caracas rinden homenaje en el Museo de la Estampa y el Diseño Cralos Cruz-Diez

Residencia Creativa / CYANOTYPE

con la artista visual Lisa Steichmann,